6 Ways to Make Your Property More Eco-Friendly

You may be looking for a property to do up or have already got a home in need of renovating. Either way, there are several steps you can take, both large and small, in making your property more eco-friendly, let’s take a look at some of those here… 

Low cost, high results…

Light Up the House with LEDs

Starting off with some of the smaller fixes that can be made to achieve big results, swapping all incandescent lighting to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can reduce energy use by over half and last over 50-times longer too. So not only do they help the environment, but they’ll also save you a great deal of money on your energy bill.

Save water with a low-flow showerhead

Another quick and easy switch that won’t break the bank is changing your showerhead to a low-flow alternative. With an aerated showerhead, air is added to the water flow as it passes through thus reducing the amount of water used without decreasing the power of the flow. This saves both energy and water costs.

Temperature control…

Check your property’s insulation

Depending on the level of renovations required, you may need to replace or add to your home’s insulation so it is worth checking how well-insulated your newly acquired property is. Walls and roofs should be insulated to improve heat retention and energy efficiency.

Upgrade your windows

Windows are another area to check. Double-glazing should be installed to improve both insulation and safety. Also, wooden window frames are more environmentally-friendly, insulating, long-lasting and less polluting than plastic materials such as UPVC. 

Taking it one step further…

Install underfloor heating

While it may be high cost initially, installing underfloor heating can help to reduce your bills in the long-term. Underfloor heating is particularly pleasing underfoot in bathrooms after taking a bath or shower. While it is typically associated with more newly built homes, it can just as easily be installed in older properties too.

Installing solar panels 

Like underfloor heating, the initial payment for installing solar panels is usually high, however, in the long-term, your electricity costs can be greatly reduced. Many people who have solar panels on their homes have reached the stage where all their power comes from their panels alone.

Looking to buy or sell property? 

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