Anyone for tea?

I can remember, when there was a family crisis, my Nan saying everything will be alright after a cuppa! So she would pour boiling water into a teapot, swirl it round and discard. Then add the tea leaves, pour boiling water over them and then wait patently for the brew!

My Grandad, was more a coffee and cake man, much to my Nan’s disgust!

If you fancy serving teas, coffees, cakes etc then lot 35 could be one lot to look at. The Cafe at The Oaks, Manston is being offered complete with an inventory including tables, chairs, counter, kitchen facilities etc.

It’s located on a modern business park of over 200 other units. The freehold is catalogued with a guide price of £95-105,000 and is to be offered at the Clive Emson Conference Centre, Detling, Maidstone on 10 December.

To view the lot, give us a call or visit our website ( for the block viewing times/dates.