Google Maps price hike

Following on from the many GDPR changes we have put into place since the new regulations were implemented, which added great administrative expense, we have had another change thrust upon us in respect of Google Maps.

Google have recently substantially increased their pricing structure in respect of the Google Maps platform. The relaunched platform has now introduced a new “pay as you go” price structure which affects high traffic websites that utilise dynamic maps, such as Estate Agents, Travel businesses and, unfortunately, Property Auctioneers!

When perusing the Clive Emson website, you will have noticed we provide Google maps for each of our Lots and also for our offices and auction venues. Google have provided the free amount of 28,000 map views per month however, since the launch of our last auction catalogue (just two weeks ago), the maps which appear on our website have been viewed nearly 114,000 times and counting which is brilliant for the exposure but not quite so good for the costs!

We, along with many other companies, are constantly confronted with price increases and changes in legislation. As a company which strives to provide the best online (and offline) experience for our clients we will continue to swallow these additional costs in order to deliver the best service we can to help both our buyers and sellers.