November Auction Roundup

It seems not even a second lockdown is enough to stop auction buyers from taking part in our November online auction which, despite the uncertainty of everything at the moment, proved to be another successful event for all.

Our auctions have continued to offer a variety of properties for sale and our November auction proved no different, with a total of 122 lots available – ranging from residential, commercial, garages, and more. 

This continued success wouldn’t be possible without the continued support of both buyers and sellers up and down the country, so we thank you deeply for your continued support. While we still have one more final auction to go before we wrap for the year, let’s take a moment to look back on November’s auction…

Former School

We’re no stranger to odd buildings from time to time here at Clive Emson but it’s not every day we put an entire primary school up for auction!

The former Harrietsham Village Primary School went to auction this month and saw a heated bidding war between our online buyers to secure the unusual site. With an additional kitchen, single-storey building, as well as close links to the local village and railway station, it’s perhaps not surprising it proved a popular choice at auction. 

What is surprising is the price it eventually sold for – an impressive £553,000. Whether or not the site will remain a school or serve a completely new purpose remains to be seen but we look forward to seeing the end result either way!

What a Catch!

For those of you who keep up with our auction highlights each month, you may be familiar with his particular lot, which features an impressive 2.5 acres of land which also includes its very own fishing lake!

While it remains to be seen just what type of fish you might be able to catch within the lake, one thing for sure is that the lot itself is one impressive catch, selling for a total of £106,000. Congratulations to the lucky buyer!

An Attractive Seaside Maisonette

Seaside properties tend to do very well in our auctions, and this particular property located in the seaside town of Sheringham is no exception. This three bedroom maisonette is beautiful both on the inside and the outside, with the beautiful beach only half a mile away to boot.

Its vast investment opportunities led it to be a popular lot at auction, with options to enhance the flats and offer them as holiday units, or even to convert the entire property into one single dwelling.

The lot sold for a total of £231,000. We look forward to seeing what the buyer has in store for the property!

Water surprise!

We feature plenty of plots of land in our auctions, yet it is not every day we get to feature one that also comes with its very own water tower!

Yes this unusual plot of land situated just north of Felsted Village features its very own water tower which allows for views all over the open countryside to the north.

With potential planning permission and consents being available, we are most eager to see what our lucky buyer has in store for this unusual plot of land that sold for £202,000. 

A Church with a Twist

We’ve seen a number of churches and chapels in our auctions this year and they typically also offer something unique to prospective buyers. This one featured in our November auction is no exception, with the building formerly the base of a bespoke carpentry business, complete with its own workshop and attached mezzanine across the first floor.

As the previous business owners have moved on, the building is now suitable for conversion, such as to a permanent residential accommodation. The unique property sold for a total of £212,000 and we look forward to seeing the end result. 

Take Part in our December Auction!

There is still one final chance this year to own your next exciting piece of property with our December online auction, which will take place on 16th of December. 

Browse the available lots now on our auction page and be sure you are registered before bidding begins on the day. 

For more information or if you have any questions, our dedicated team are on hand to help