The Conscientious Landlord…

Building and maintaining a harmonious relationship with your tenant So you’ve purchased your first investment property at auction and now it’s time to find a tenant… There are many variables when it comes to finding a tenant, and managing your relationship throughout the life of the tenancy. Your tenant may be someone you know – … Continue reading

What Is A Listed Building? What Can And Can’t You Do?

The way structures are listed today came from a need to protect buildings of significant interest in the aftermath of World War II. The listings were used to decide whether a particular building should be rebuilt if it was damaged by bombing. Today, in England and Wales, listed buildings are separated into three categories: Grade … Continue reading

Planning permission rules and regulations

The guidelines The government sets out what you can and cannot do to your home and garden, (referred to as curtilage), in a document called the General Permitted Development Order. This includes the terms of development you can start without getting planning permission from your local council. This is known as Permitted Development, or is … Continue reading

What upfront costs do tenants face

Being a tenant can be great, and it offers a quicker way for you to have a home without having the worry and hassle of buying a house. It is pretty simple to become a tenant, but are there any upfront costs? Well, we are going to take a look into what is required from … Continue reading