Available At £1,000 + Fees
Land Central Way, Clevedon, Somerset. BS21 5BZ

Applicants may view directly on site during daylight hours

01392 366555

Graham Barton/Paul Bridgeman

This parcel of unencumbered freehold land comprises roadways, verges, footpaths and a rectangular area of ground running alongside Blind Yeo waterway. The land is situated in a residential development to the south of Clevedon which sits on the southern bank of the Severn Estuary just off the M5 at Junction 20.

Auctioneer’s Note 1

The postcode provided is for an address in Stonebridge.

Auctioneer’s Note 2

The freehold land is registered under Title Number AV49423 and a plan of the demise which surrounds blocks of flats at Stonebridge, Carice Gardens, Corner Croft and Oldfield.

A copy of the title and plan will be included in the legal pack which will be available to download from the Clive Emson website or from the Auctioneer’s office. Tel: 01392 366555.

Local Planning Authority

North Somerset Council. Website: n-somerset.gov.uk. Tel: 01934 888888.


Interested applicants may view directly on site, at any reasonable time, at the sole risk of the viewer.

Care should be taken to avoid trespass en-route.

Freehold with Vacant Possession



The map and satellite images are based on postcode information and are available for for directions only. The may not necessarily show the exact lot being offered, but will be in close proximity. Please refer to the sale plan in the legal documentation for precise details of the lot to be sold.