This parcel of public open space land, which was previously used as an informal play area, is situated in a popular residential location in Springfield, to the north of Chelmsford City Centre. There is vehicular access available from Whyverne Close, between the two garages, and further pedestrian access from Mayne Crest. These accessways form part of the publicly maintainable highway.

Site Measurements

The site extends to 0.05 hectares (0.14 acres).


Although no formal Planning Permission exists Chelmsford City Council have prepared an informal site planning advice which will be available as part of the legal pack, for inspection from the Auctioneer’s office or for download from the
Clive Emson website.

Local Planning Authority

Chelmsford City Council. Tel: 01245 206606. Website: chelmsford.gov.uk


On site only, during daylight hours, at the sole risk of the viewer. Care must be taken to avoid trespass en-route.

Auctioneer’s Note

The postcode used is for an address in Mayne Crest.

Freehold with Vacant Possession