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The benefits of working with an Auction House for Estate Agents

Are you looking to work with an auctioneer to sell a property quickly?

We understand that many properties are more suitable for sale by private treaty, but sometimes you may decide that a sale by auction is in your client’s best interest.

It could be for a variety of reasons, who your client is; do they need to show they have achieved the best possible price, eg if it’s a probate, charity or trustee sale or even your seller needs a quick sale (perhaps because they are immigrating or the sale is not dependant on completing a chain) 

Or it could simply be that it falls in to one of the categories below: 

  • Vacant residential properties: - from studio flats to vast detached houses (often in need of improvement, renovation, refurbishment and/or repair). Fire damaged properties.
  • Commercial premises: - from lock up shops to whole parades, high street or neighbourhood location.
  • Investment properties (those with tenants in situ)
  • Garages: - from single units to entire compounds; car parks 
  • Residential and /or Commercial ground rents
  • Land: - from woodland, grazing and amenity land to farms and small holdings
  • Conversion Projects and land with planning or potential
  • The Unusual: -from churches, chapel, Martello towers, underground bunkers.

We believe that working together is very much a win-win-win situation for the following reasons:

First and foremost, sellers are able to keep their onward purchase and also benefit from a quick sale. Estate agents can achieve a sale quickly, with potentially higher commissions and boost their reputation with sellers. 

As an auction house, we can form a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship with our joint agents. We do not tie our joint agents into restrictive arrangements, we work with you on a lot by lot basis 

At the end, the agent retains the client along with any follow-on business. 

Clive Emson Auctioneers work with over 800 estate agents across southern England, who understand that they can offer their client an alternative method of sale with Clive Emson Auctioneers. We are not estate agents, have no links to mortgage companies so are not in direct competition with you. In fact, working together we can offer you a complimentary service. 

We DON’T have a contract where you need to provide a certain number of lots each month/year, but if your client has a property or parcel of land that you feel could benefit from a sale by auction with us, then we’d be pleased to hear from you.

Get in touch

Give us a call with details of the potential lot:

If you already have it on the market, we will probably look at your property details and discuss our thoughts with you. 

How would we work together?

We are happy to inspect the property or land and provide our auction appraisal.

  • We would enter into a formal agreement with the seller. You act as Joint Agents. 
  • The seller pays a contribution towards auction expenses to us 
  • Any commission earned would be split 50/50 and would be payable upon completion
  • We would market the property via our extensive database and various portals 
  • We can include your logo on the auction particulars You are more than welcome to advertise the lot on your own website and the portals you use. 
  • We would discuss the viewing arrangements with you. 
  • We handle the auction process from start to finish. 
  • Working together for the benefit of the seller and their property, you as the Joint Agent and Clive Emson Auctioneers.

Advantages Available to Estate Agents acting jointly with Auctioneers

There are multiple reasons a collaboration with an auction house can be beneficial to all parties, not least easing the workload of busy and high-demand agents who recognise that a particular property may not be aligned with the local buyer demographic or maybe tricky to sell for a number of other reasons.

Examples include unusual properties, such as converted pubs and windmills, homes in need of renovation or redevelopment, agricultural land, woodland or plots of land that have excellent potential for alternative uses. Here are some of the key benefits of working with an auctioneer:

1. Faster Sales and Commission Earnings

You’ll still earn a commission for your work but with an expedited time frame. This time frame means that most buyers already have funds in place and are required to pay a deposit of 10% on the day. The successful buyer normally completes in as little as 20 working days

What's more, the commissions are split on an equal 50/50 basis and are likely to be the same or higher than if you acted as a sole agent.

2. Lightening your workload

There would be a clear division of labour between an auctioneer and an estate agent. As Auctioneers are likely to handle many of the pre-auction enquiries, legalities of the sale as well as marketing and the auction itself, working jointly could greatly reduce the work required to achieve a sale, however you still have full contact and interaction with your client.

3. Increasing Property Marketing

By referring the property to an auctioneer, you can continue local marketing and expand your marketing reach to a wider pool of interested buyers through the auctioneers and secure the certainty of a sale.

4. Improving your local reputation

As a property professional, your experience helps sellers to assess the most suitable options. Where land or property with potential to add value or for redevelopment, investment or are unusual or unique in nature become available for sale you might recommend an auction as a preferable solution to sealed bids in an open and transparent forum. This can greatly increase the trust and reputation you have with your client base. 

When would you recommend working with an auctioneer?

As we’ve seen, there are lots of reasons that you might suggest an auction is the most suitable option for your client, based on your knowledge of local property sale prices and the types of properties. The most common scenarios when selling a property via auction are as follows:

  • The property is ideal for developers, DIY enthusiasts or investors who regularly participate in property auctions due to their speed and transparency.
  • Where the client needs to sell the property quickly, perhaps to buy another home, release funds from an investment, or conclude a probate sale or property sale following a separation. Your client may have had a buyer pull out of the sale, affecting the onward chain. We can help you to source a new buyer very quickly.
  • Circumstances where you believe the property will take longer to sell through a private treaty sale, or where you think that the buyer audience at an auction will be more likely to achieve a successful sale.

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