I Want to Sell My House – Where Do I Start?

30th November 2023

Deciding to sell your property, whether to relocate somewhere new, sell an inherited home, embark on an investment project or move in with a partner, is a big decision – and can also feel daunting if you have never sold a property before. The good news is that there are plenty of options, and working … Continue reading

Are Auctions a Good Idea? 10 Benefits of Property Auctions

30th November 2023

A property auction may be a good idea if you’re looking for an excellent way to complete a sale with surety, eliminate lengthy negotiations, or avoid the risk of a property chain failing part-way through the process. Property auctions can generate a sense of urgency among buyers, potentially leading to higher offers and a quicker … Continue reading

Selling Commercial Property at Auction – Are There Any Special Considerations?

30th November 2023

Commercial property owners often choose to sell at auction, with benefits such as greater certainty of a speedy sale, the opportunity to achieve a favourable price due to competitive bidding, and a larger pool of interested buyers than they might find elsewhere. The commercial auction property market is robust and continues to grow – and … Continue reading

Selling Your London House In A Speedy Manner – Have You Considered Property Auctions?

30th November 2023

The London property market is undoubtedly the largest and most expensive in the UK, with thousands of homes listed for sale at any time. Trying to achieve a speedy sale can be complex, where prospective buyers can browse countless listings, making the market competitive and often creating delays for sellers keen to move on as … Continue reading

How Quickly Can a House Sale Go Through in the UK?

30th November 2023

Property sales in the UK naturally vary in timescales. Some homes that come onto the market are snapped up almost immediately, whereas others languish in the listings for months or fail to sell at all without a reduction in price. House sales can go through in as little as 20 days (if you decide to … Continue reading

Considerations When Selling a Tenanted Property at Auction

24th October 2023

Landlords and property investors will commonly consider a property listed for sale with existing tenants in an upcoming auction – but there are several aspects of this type of sale that both sellers and buyers may need to assess. Auctions are by far the most accessible route for selling a tenanted property, with an engaged … Continue reading

Can I Sell a Property Before Auction Day?

24th October 2023

Once a property has been listed for sale in an auction, it is possible that you might receive pre-auction offers. Unlike in many sales processes, this is permitted and allowable. In fact, as your auctioneer representing your interests, we are obliged to present you with the offer and allow you to decide how you would … Continue reading

How to Sell a Flat Fast! – Have you considered selling your flat at auction?

24th October 2023

Selling a flat quickly may be a priority for many reasons; perhaps you need to complete an onward purchase transaction to avoid losing out on a dream property, wish to finance an investment property acquisition, or are selling post-separation and would like to finalise a sale as quickly as possible. Have you considered selling a … Continue reading

Can I Have More Than One Company Selling My House?

23rd October 2023

Can I Have More Than One Company Selling My House? The answer is yes. Selling your home can feel like a complex process, but many sellers are unaware that they have absolute freedom of choice when it comes to the companies or representatives managing their sale or advertising their property to prospective buyers. While sole … Continue reading