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Can I Have More Than One Company Selling My House?

Sam Kinloch

Can I Have More Than One Company Selling My House? The answer is yes. Selling your home can feel like a complex process, but many sellers are unaware that they have absolute freedom of choice when it comes to the companies or representatives managing their sale or advertising their property to prospective buyers.

While sole agency may seem an attractive proposition there are several other routes, all with pros and cons, that may be influential in helping you decide on the best way to bring your property to market.

It is possible to use one, two or several companies to improve your chances of a swift sale for the highest value possible – we’ll explain how it all works and what the impacts are on your sale transaction.

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Can I Have More Than One Company Selling My House?

Sole vs Joint Agency Property Sales

One of the potential perks of relying on one company to sell your house is that they will likely (although not always) offer a reduced commission fee as a percentage of the property sale price.

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This agreement is the norm since you are entrusting the sale to one company, so they have a 100% chance of facilitating the sale, regardless of whether that takes one week or several months.

Joint Sole Agency Sales

Joint sole agency agreements mean that two companies work simultaneously to sell the property but share the commission between them. The outcome is that both companies have the certainty of a commission, but this will be split depending on their agreement.

As a seller, the commission payable could be higher, but this may not be an issue if you manage to sell the property quickly. For example, you may trade off a higher commission for fast sale to secure an onward purchase.

Multi-Agency Sales

You might also opt for a multi-agency agreement, where two, three or multiple companies all work independently but at the same time. The company that secures a sale and completes the exchange of contracts earns the commission – approximately the same as in a joint sole agency agreement.

Multi-Company House Sales

Another less well-known option is to work with more than one company and consider alternative sales methods. This solution is perfect if your primary objective is to secure a sale in minimal time and have a guaranteed minimum sale value.

Joint agency agreements - partnering with an auction house

As established property auctioneers, the Clive Emson team routinely collaborates with partner companies in the local area and across the south-east assisting with sales where:

  • The seller would like to list the property in a forthcoming auction to establish interest or as an alternative to a private treaty sale where time is of the essence.
  • The company selling the home recognises it might not be sold within the client's ideal timescale or that it might be tricky to sell to the typical buyer audience in the region.
  • The selling company sees an opportunity to achieve a higher-than-average price or feels that the property's location, condition or nature will attract an excellent value at auction, and potentially far higher than through a private treaty sale.
We work directly with sellers and in conjunction with property companies to establish the best approach to achieve the seller's wishes – whether that is speed, price, or simply introducing a variety of potential sales avenues to explore all the options.

There is no reason any seller cannot choose more than one company to sell a property, however, we recommend seeking guidance to ensure that, if at any point you decide to take the property off the market, you give sufficient notice.

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Sole Selling Rights in Property Sales

Sole selling rights are not the same as a sole agency agreement and are a contractual clause house sellers are advised to look out for. The caveat with this type of contract is that, rather than relying on one company to sell your home, you guarantee they will receive a commission regardless of who sells the property.

If you were to list the property privately and sell the home, you would still be legally obligated to pay the company a commission if the sale fell within the specified period. Any reputable property sales company should clarify what sole selling rights mean and how they differ from sole agency, in line with regulations set by The Property Ombudsman.

Pros and Cons of Alternative Sales Methods

In the tables below, we summarise some of the respective pros and cons to be aware of in any combination of sales representation you may choose.

Sole Agency Agreements

One point of contactIt may take longer to sell.
Simple and straightforward.Possibly a much smaller buyer audience.
Good market reach through online marketplace listings.Unique or unusual properties may not be marketed to the correct audience

Joint Sole Agency Agreements

Access to a broader range of property sales specialisms.Possibly higher commission
Wider marketing reach across registered buyers with two companies.Potentially duplicating listings on property marketplaces.
The total commission is unchanged for the seller since this is split between the companies.The risk that one company will rely on the other and contribute less effort.

Multi-Agency Agreements

Multiple companies competing to sell the same property may reduce the time required.Commissions are the highest you are likely to pay.
Exposure to an even wider audience with multiple representatives.The complexity of liaising with several sales companies and arranging different viewings.
Normally similar commission costs to a joint sole agency agreement.Potential to be encouraged to accept a low offer to secure the sales commission for one company over another.

Joint agency agreement with an Auction House

The certainty of a speedy sale, with up to 80% of properties selling straight away and funds available within one month.Potential to need to re-list or instruct the auctioneer to enter into post-auction negotiations if the reserve is not reached.
Control over the listing price with a reserve to ensure you will not sell for less than your stated minimum value.Ideally suited to properties that sell well in auction environments.
Excellent options to increase buyer interest by marketing to engaged professionals within the property sector along with private individuals
Complete the sale within 20 working days.

For more guidance about any of the sales options explained, the pros and cons, or the routes that best fit your property sale goals, please call us at any time. 

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