May Auction Roundup 2022

18th May 2022

This month, we had a whole host of fantastic lots up for sale in London, Kent, Essex, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, the West Country, Sussex and Surrey. Buyers from across the country tried their hand at buying property and land. From an impressive former traveller site to a spacious seaside cottage, May’s auction bought plenty … Continue reading

Variety Is the Spice of Life

6th May 2022

When researching the origin of the phrase, ‘Variety Is the Spice of Life’, I was surprised to learn that it is first quoted in an 18th century poem by William Cowper. For whatever reason, I had fully expected that the phrase may have had far more recent origins, so I have at least learned something … Continue reading

Oh -would you like to live beside the seaside?

19th April 2022

On a lovely bright sunny day (which can be at any time of the year!) can there be anything better than walking along part of our beautiful Kent coastline? Perhaps taking in the scenery, skimming stones, watching the gulls glide and soar with the occasional dive bomb! Or being mesmerised by the waxing and waning … Continue reading

March Auction Roundup

14th April 2022

This month’s auction was vibrant and bustling as usual, and we saw our fair share of weird and wonderful lots up for sale. Of the 132 lots we listed, almost 80% were sold successfully. What’s more, we saw 2,493 unique bidders take part in the auction process. On top of this, during the bidding period … Continue reading

Time flies when you’re having ‘lots’ of fun – Part 2

5th April 2022

Have you ever been asked if you would like to travel back in time?  Well, if I could go back to 1997 I might give it a go!  Recently I was carrying out research looking through our auction catalogues for early that year. We have just been successful in selling a commercial and residential investment … Continue reading

Records are made to be broken!

29th March 2022

Previously, during my 25 years in the auction profession, I had only sold two Lots that had passed the million-pound mark.  The first was years ago, when I was involved with the sale of Fort Augustus Abbey on the south shore of Loch Ness, it could have been described as a ‘Monster of a Lot’.  … Continue reading

We have a lot to thank Steve Jobs & Co for……….

21st March 2022

The basis of this blog has originated from a networking breakfast meeting I attended recently. I had a few precious moments spare in between the last of the spicy pork sausage and the morning’s nominated speaker so I checked my email. The gentlemen sitting next to me leaned over and said, “What would we do … Continue reading

March Auction Highlights

14th March 2022

What a windy February that was! Now things are (hopefully) beginning to settle down, it’s time for another auction.  With our second auction of the year comes longer days, meaning that in-person viewings will be able to be conducted much later into the afternoon! This comes in handy when considering the 130 lots we have … Continue reading

Lucky Number 7

14th March 2022

7 Lots in the Shepway area in our upcoming March auction No, we are not asking you to spin the roulette wheel, but we are offering you the chance to place the winning bid on one of the 7 lots in the Shepway area in our upcoming March auction. Lot 20 is a freehold investment, currently … Continue reading