Lots and lots to talk about

10th June 2022

‘It must be amazing to visit the properties you sell’ and ‘How did you get into this type of work?’ are two phrases my colleagues and I often get asked, I can honestly say if I ever had an inkling that I would find myself perusing a career in the auction world, I would be … Continue reading

June 2022 Auction Highlights

7th June 2022

In our latest auction, we had the pleasure of welcoming bidders from over 25 countries, while enjoying 1,734 unique bids thanks to our proxy bidding service. Let’s hope that June’s auction is as successful then, shall we?  This month, we have all manner of properties just waiting for the right buyer. From fishing lakes to … Continue reading

Anyone for T?

6th June 2022

As I’m writing this piece of editorial around 3pm on Friday, I’m contemplating afternoon T, but it’s not what you may think. It’s not tea and cake, (although that would be nice) but admiring what a great selection of properties we have on offer in the latest auction and in particular those in the towns … Continue reading

Idyllic Site in CT3

30th May 2022

On a glorious sunny day can there be a better way to spend an afternoon than with Joint Auctioneer Nick Rooke from Finn’s in Canterbury as we strolled, walked and talked to our mutual client about auctioning their truly lovely property? The sun was out and beating down in what was an almost cloudless day, … Continue reading

Essex Young Farmers Show

26th May 2022

What a brilliant day!  The sun was shining and the crowds came along in what seemed like record numbers to the Essex Young Farmers Show just outside Chelmsford. From the moment the gates opened at 9.30am the crowds flocked in and the Clive Emson Auctioneers stand just next to the main parade ring had visitors … Continue reading

Its all new, but it’s worth it…

19th May 2022

Most people know what it’s like to start a new job. Whether it’s your first part time role, moving to a different firm or embarking on a completely new career. Your first days arrives and those familiar feelings rush through your mind, whether you’re going to fit in, will my colleagues like me, will I … Continue reading

May Auction Roundup 2022

18th May 2022

This month, we had a whole host of fantastic lots up for sale in London, Kent, Essex, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, the West Country, Sussex and Surrey. Buyers from across the country tried their hand at buying property and land. From an impressive former traveller site to a spacious seaside cottage, May’s auction bought plenty … Continue reading

Variety Is the Spice of Life

6th May 2022

When researching the origin of the phrase, ‘Variety Is the Spice of Life’, I was surprised to learn that it is first quoted in an 18th century poem by William Cowper. For whatever reason, I had fully expected that the phrase may have had far more recent origins, so I have at least learned something … Continue reading

Oh -would you like to live beside the seaside?

19th April 2022

On a lovely bright sunny day (which can be at any time of the year!) can there be anything better than walking along part of our beautiful Kent coastline? Perhaps taking in the scenery, skimming stones, watching the gulls glide and soar with the occasional dive bomb! Or being mesmerised by the waxing and waning … Continue reading