An ‘eggcellent’ time for a recap

With the conclusion of our second auction of 2021 and with Easter only days away, it seems an ‘eggcellent’ time to recap on the first quarter of the year.

While globally we are still in uncharted waters, the March auction proved again that the property market remains strong with over £17 million raised for our clients from the 109 lots listed. Interest in the available lots was as busy as ever; such as Lot 99 which was deemed unsafe to view internally but still had 94 bids placed at auction. This was much the same as the February auction which saw over £16.7 million raised for our clients from the 104 Lots listed with several post auction sales.  All remaining lots are available to view by visiting our website at

Looking to the next quarter of the year we’ll all be hoping for some better weather, longer evenings and of course the easing of national lockdown restrictions. I was initially asked not to talk too much about the pandemic in this blog, however, as a trainee auction appraiser it’s had such an impact on my role and the role I’m training for it’s almost impossible not to… so I will continue!

With restrictions (hopefully) easing over the coming months I’m looking forward to regaining some further aspects of work life that were once the norm allowing me to continue my training to become a fully qualified auction appraiser. This will include attending appraisals with my colleagues and visiting the local estate agents we work with to build and/or maintain relationships with them.  I am also looking forward to attending our ballroom auctions which almost seem a lifetime ago now! Admittedly going back to the ballroom auctions may still be some time off as the safety and well being of my colleagues, clients and customers is of paramount important to us.

When ballroom auctions or even hybrid auctions do make their return I also hope to take to the rostrum to conduct the auctions.  My first step towards this goal will be to enter the NAVA (National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers) Auctioneer of the Year competition.  Unfortunately, the 2020 event was sadly cancelled and so I am keeping my figures crossed for the 2021 event to still go ahead. When it does return, I hope to follow in my colleagues, David Henwood and Katie Semmens’ footsteps, who both won the competition in 2019 and 2015 respectively.

With a successful and promising start to the year, we are keen to keep the momentum going at Clive Emson. There are 6 auctions still to go in 2021 with us currently taking entries for the upcoming auction taking place on 5th May.  We are always available to answer any questions about the auction process and would be delighted to provide you with a full auction appraisal.