February 2022 Auction Roundup

February might have felt cold and gloomy, but things were definitely heating up in our auction room. We had quite the list of properties this month as our bidders continued to stay on the lookout for excellent lots from the comfort of their own homes at our recent auction.

Read on for an exclusive insight into some of the most interesting, unique, and charming properties we sold this month.

A charming cottage in a lovely location

Coming up first we have Lot 5: a small Cornish gem of a property. Sold for £203,600, this little cottage nestled away between two more authentic properties is a stunning find, with heaps of character and potential. 

The iron railings and small front garden opening out onto the street are so unmistakably Cornish. If the two bedrooms don’t do it for you, then perhaps the idyllic location on the edge of St Agnes will. Our buyer was hooked and saw a bright new future for this lot. We look forward to seeing the renovation and repairs that take place on this property to give it the breath of fresh air it deserves. 

A historic school building overlooking a church

Cast your mind back to your school-time days (ok, perhaps a little further back than that) and you’ll get Lot 51. Sold for £768,000, this iconic former school building oozes charm and nostalgia from all angles. 

Still containing the chalk markings on the walls, this property needed an inspired buyer to envision for it a future outside of the classroom. And that’s what it got! The broad, open spaces and hall inside are perfect for open-plan modern living, while the exterior is a constant reminder of the area’s rich historic past. With its high ceilings and stone entryways, this Benenden-based building has the foundations of a great home. 

A spacious shopfront unit

Next up, we sold something a little more modern. Lot 101 is a large unit, previously a shop on Sheerness High Street, but now destined for bigger and better things. Sold for £337,750, this former Bonmarché says “bon voyage!” and there may even be potential to convert the upper parts into residential flats.

The double-fronted property has two points of access and is located optimally near a railway station and major national retailers. What’s more, there are kitchens on both the ground and the first floor as well as a shower room. We look forward to seeing what the lucky buyer decides to do with this property in the coming weeks and months.

An inspiring rural freehold site with potential

Here at Clive Emson Auctioneers, we don’t just sell finished properties, we also sell land — and Lot 58 was a unique piece of land with a lot to offer. 

This rectangular-shaped site is located between a row of cottages and is surrounded by blissful countryside views. The 0.17 hectares (or 0.43 acres) may be suitable for development in the future — and what a lovely spot it would be. Sold for £231,000, we are so excited to see what the lucky owners will do to transform it. 

A chic modern flat near Portobello Road Market

Lastly, we have to share this top-floor London flat that turned heads at our auction. Lot 4 is in an optimal location and at a highly competitive price for the nation’s capital. Requiring a little TLC to get it back to its former glory, this elegant building caters for high-class city living and is bound to wow any guest.

With substantial shopping facilities nearby — including Portobello Road Market — this property is central and easily accessible. The kitchen-diner is spacious and the bedroom is nestled away among the eves. This property sold for £190,000. 

If you’re feeling inspired by our range of properties from this month’s auction, why not take part yourself. Our next auction is on the 23rd March 2022 and we’d love to have you there. 

If you are new to buying at an auctions, take a look at our handy guide. In the meantime, if you have any questions, get in touch with our experts who can point you in the right direction.