July Auction Highlights

With lockdown restrictions finally easing and summer now well and truly here, there’s lots to be excited about – and that’s before we even take a look at what’s in store at this month’s auction!

We’ve got a total of 109 lots for you to feast your eyes on this month, with some truly exciting opportunities for all sorts of buyers! From beautiful cottages to your very own marina, here’s a little look at some of our top picks from the upcoming auction…

Your very own hotel!

We get all sorts of different properties up for sale here at Clive Emson Auctioneers – but it’s not every day we get to offer up the chance to own your very own hotel.

Yes, this particular lot located in the Wiltshire town of Calne consists of a massive 15 bedroom hotel, complete with its very own pub and additional outbuildings. While the building hasn’t operated as a hotel in quite some time, there’s nothing stopping one lucky buyer from giving it some good old fashioned TLC to bring it back to its former glory.

With that said, planning consent has also been given to allow the building to be converted into residential accommodation, which means there’s potential for the attached pub and outhouses to be transformed into accommodation as well. Whether the building’s rooms end up being for people looking for an overnight stay or something more permanent remains to be seen but we are looking forward to seeing the end result regardless!

The hotel has a guide price of £750,000 -£800,000 – be sure to check out the property page for more information! 

Public House in the Heart of Kent

Calne isn’t the only destination offering up accommodation this month, as this stunning former village public house in Maidstone, Kent is also up for grabs for prospective buyers.

Comprising two floors, this public house boasts its own bar area with outdoor seating, kitchen, prep room, beer cellar, dining room, as well as three bedrooms. The outdoor seating area is also situated on a sizable plot of land that overlooks The Weald of Kent, making it the perfect spot to soak up some sun now that summer is here!

Much like our hotel in Calne, planning permission has also been obtained to convert the public house for residential use if the buyer so desires.

The public house has a guide price of £300,000-£320,000 – be sure to check out the property page for more information! 

Lots of Land for Development!

Sometimes all we need to start our dream build is the dream plot of land, and this next lot could be just what you’re looking for!

Located in Surrey and only a mile away from Gatwick Airport, this expansive 1.60 acres of land is primed for redevelopment into a multitude of different potential uses. While currently used as a storage yard, the land is suitable for residential use (with space for up to 75 dwellings!) as well as airport parking under the current planning permissions. 

The storage yard has a guide price of £1,400,000-£1,500,000 – be sure to check out the property page for more information!

Want to Attend Our Next Online Auction?

There’s still time to register for our next auction, so if you are interested in taking part make sure you do so before the big day! We’ve also put together a guide to online auctions if you’re not sure what to expect but feel free to drop us a line with any additional questions you may have.

Happy bidding!