MAY the force be with you

It feels like we are moving through 2021 at light speed ! The next easing of lockdown restrictions on May 17th is upon us and the feeling of quiet, if somewhat restrained relief, is thick in the air.

If somebody had said to me just two years ago that property auction industry would be selling lots purely online, I would have been cynical – but the fact of the matter is, as one of the UK’s top five leading independent property auctioneers,  Clive Emson Auctioneers have had a steely determination to provide what the public wants and undeniably needs. The demand is solid; the supply is short, “The force is strong in auction!”

“What, no auction room?” was the routine outcry from sellers we acted for when I started for Clive Emson last July and to be completely honest, I was originally dubious about online auctions but I had full faith in the system we have. In conjunction with our online auction partners, Bamboo Auctions, the process would be smooth, state-of-the-art and an ideal format for today’s modern buyer.  Computer says “no”? Not for auction.

I’ve always had an office to work from, so this for me personally was a major learning curve working from home – but belief in prevalent electronic communication, innovative technology, and the gathered Clive Emson team spirit is all that’s required to create an environment for sellers and buyers to thrive, even in these uncertain times. And thrive they do; every online auction sees more registered bidders, more website traffic, more lots. It will be 35 years to the day on 25th May 2021 that I started my property career and I’ll be the first to admit that none of my previous experience has prepared me for what I’ve seen, heard, or spoken about in the last 10 months.

Amazing. Exceptional. Exhilarating. Just some words from participants I have spoken to in describing what recent online auction results have meant to them, as both sellers and bidders. The results from our latest May online auction speak for themselves too and it appears that the remaining 2021 auctions are going to be just as thrilling!

I cannot say whether this is the future; there might be a hybrid mix of ballroom swagger and online vibe to come. But one thing is for sure – a definitive measure of selling to the highest bidder, at the best achievable price and in the quickest possible time is never going to be lost, whichever post-lockdown format prevails.

Good luck and good health!

Russell Hawkes MNAVA – Essex Office