The Final Countdown

As the shortest day passes and the weather outside finally starts to feel like winter, we have just completed our final sale of 2021.

Whilst as auctioneers we are naturally eager to get back to “real auctions” in the room, even the most skeptical of us would have to acknowledge the affect the online countdown timer has had on the levels of bidding, with the timer resetting to five minutes every time a late bid is placed, bidders can’t help but click to place “just one more bid”, the resulting sale prices continue to please our clients.

With the improvements made to the online system over the last year, the service also benefits buyers, with prospective purchasers able to bid from the comfort of their own home or whilst working, saving them valuable time. Of course, a happy biproduct of this for our clients being the increased number of purchasers able to bid and from a sometimes staggering list of locations from around the world.

The company and the industry as a whole face an enormous crossroads as to which route, or a combination of the two to take in the near future as a more “normal” way of life returns.

I have recently taken on the role of treasurer for our local property association and am very pleased and proud to be able to assist the Portsmouth Property Association with this. Like many other organisations of this kind, they are trying to gradually return to normality with a fuller program of events planned for 2022, all with the aim of raising valuable funds for the chosen local charities.


The Directors and Staff of Clive Emson Auctioneers wish all of our friends, clients, buyers, professional introducers and fellow agents a very happy Christmas and a prosperous healthy and peaceful New Year.

We look forward to assisting and working with you again during 2022.