Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall of the gavel

As the leaves fall and the cold nights draw in, we look towards new beginnings, resolutions and a fresh start come January. A new year, a new chance to forget the past and plenty of new opportunities in our auction catalogues. In a weird way, properties are a lot like us, they’re ready and waiting for a change of purpose and a fresh new start.

How many of us have had a change of career? An opportunity to put your skills to a new test, a chance for you to grow and discover new things about yourself. The Former Adult Education Centre in Borden, Sittingbourne is no different. Starting its life in 1878 as Barrow Boy’s School, Borden and later Borden Grammar School, the property has had several uses over the years including an agricultural college and adult education centre. A new use will be added to that list when the building is converted to provide 18 large apartments along with four new build bungalows on the grounds. The lot is being offered with a guide price of £1,500,000-£1,750,000.

As auctioneers we regularly come across a building that has had a tough life. The floors may have bowed, the walls may have cracked but our buyers have the insight to look past the surface and see the potential. I am often surprised by the creativity and the vision of those I meet, looking past the mess, past the dust and injecting new life into their potential purchase.

Another lot coming up, ready to have life breathed back into it, is the former Western Undercliff lift in Ramsgate. Another interesting opportunity for our buyers to think outside the box and bring a new use to this historic lift shaft. The lot is being offered with a guide price of £20,000-Plus.

Or a barn at Nursery Farm, Flimwell which has been granted permissions for a change of use to residential and being offered with a guide price of £260,000-Plus.

So, carry on dreaming and scheming – turning offices into flats – churches into gyms – toilets into cocktails bars – sea forts into hotels – who knows what’s next? One thing for certain is our last catalogue of the year will be brimming with properties and land waiting for a new lease of life.

The full auction catalogue is now available to download here with the Online Auction taking place on Wednesday 15th December. Please get in touch if you see anything of interest.