Remote Bidding Only

Following recent advice regarding the continuing spread of COVID-19, we will be implementing our plan to live video stream our March auction via the internet only.

The safety of our Clients, Customers and Staff is of paramount importance to us as is the commercial interests of all those involved.

By live streaming our auction, prospective bidders will be able to bid remotely Online, by Proxy or Telephone. With many venues closing their doors to the public we believe now is the right time for this decision to be made in order to ensure adequate time for all prospective bidders to register for our remote bidding services.

Online Bidding

You can bid remotely by using our internet bidding service.  Once we have received all necessary documents, deposit and administration fee you will be provided with log-in identification.  On the day of the auction please follow the auction ‘live’ (by clicking the link from the relevant auction page) and place your bids accordingly.

Proxy Bidding

When completing the Remote Bidding Form (please see below) you will provide us with details of your maximum bid.  A member of Clive Emson will bid on your behalf up to this maximum.  We will not “run” the bidding above the reserve and will bid on your behalf against those present in the room and any other remote bidding to the limit of our instructions/bid.

Telephone Bidding

A member of Clive Emson will call you during the auction.  They will talk you through the bidding and will bid on your behalf following your clear instructions.  Telephone bidding will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis only.  In the event that we are unable to make contact, or contact is broken during the sale, there is the option to authorise us to bid on your behalf by proxy.

The Process

The process is simple.  Fill in the Remote Bidding Form here and then send it to our Accounts Department ( with your ID documents (further details relating to ID can be found here).  Once this has been received we will be in touch in order to arrange for you to transfer the required deposit plus administration fee into our Clients Bank Account.  If you are unsuccessful following the auction these funds will be returned to you.

Full Terms & Conditions for our Remote Bidding Services can be found on Page 2 of the Remote Bidding Form.

All remote bidders accept that their offer is binding and that the auctioneer has full legal power to sign the contracts on behalf of the buyer, providing for completion in accordance with the Special Conditions of Sale as applicable to that lot.

View the Auction Live

You can watch each of the auctions live by following the links below:

Essex and North & East London –

Kent and South East London –

Hampshire & Isle of Wight –

West Country –

Sussex & Surrey –

If you need clarification on any of the above please do not hesitate to contact one of our Regional Offices who are happy to help.