A perfect time to invest in bricks and mortar

At the time of writing my colleagues and I are in the process of collating lots for our forthcoming March auction. This rekindled memories of our March series of auctions last year which took place amidst a backdrop of an unprecedented situation which few people could have foreseen. With the realities surrounding Covid-19 becoming more prevalent by the day the decision was taken to conduct our Essex and Kent auctions via a live feed from our Maidstone office whilst the auctions for Hampshire, Sussex and the West Country were conducted a week later via an online auction following the government announcement of a nationwide lockdown coming into force.

Over the following twelve months the way we conduct business has changed significantly with online Zoom conferences and remote working becoming a staple of our everyday working lives. A further significant change during this period was the conversion to exclusively conducting online auctions. Although met with scepticism by some the decision was taken out of necessity and has allowed Clive Emson Auctioneers to embrace modern technologies with all the convenience it offers to users whilst still retaining the core principles of auctions which have held true for hundreds of years. Since this change the number of lots offered has been on a par with previous years and the conversion statistics continue to be well above the national average. It is therefore clear that this fresh approach has been adopted with open arms by the vast majority of clients which is a testament to their adaptability as well as the resilience of the property market.

The situation is under constant review and a return to ballroom auctions is envisaged in the future but it’s clear the online auction platform is here to stay in some capacity. Indeed, with its undoubted success its has become a viable alternative and indeed preferred choice for many buyers and sellers alike. Couple this with the recent government announcement offering a ‘roadmap out of lockdown’ and an extension to the Stamp Duty holiday in the recent budget now would appear a perfect time to sell an existing asset or invest in ‘bricks and mortar.’

You can find a list of our upcoming Lots here