Five Charity Auctions in Sixteen Days!!

Five Charity Auctions in sixteen days is a record even for me with over £16,000 raised for HALLF, Farms for City Children, ARC, Plymouth Ladies Charity Club and Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support.  However, if I was being frank, I wish I didn’t have to do any of them. But not because I don’t absolutely love the occasions and the opportunity to assist the wonderful people who in one way or another support each and every event.

I wish I didn’t have to do them because that would mean the fabulous organisations that provide services to their particular charitable causes would be getting the money they need via HM Treasury in one form or another.  Our taxation revenue generation and apportionment systems are failing if they result in unbelievably selfless people giving up their precious time and no less precious pennies to help the less fortunate souls who have been dealt a wholly or partly rubbish hand by life and who ‘the systems’ don’t assist because of lack of funds.

Individuals and entire communities would benefit from modest investment that a cost:benefit analysis would scream was a no-brainer yet so little happens despite the sums involved being what countless individuals earn in a week, and some each day.  I’m not saying that these well-heeled folk should for a moment feel guilty about what they earn, what I’m saying is that from taxation revenue this country really ought to be able to help the underdogs rather than sentence them and their champions to a constantly demoralising ‘begging-bowl’ existence.

Graham Barton