Sold Prior

This parcel of freehold land had been retained by Chelmsford City Council but now that all eight adjacent houses have been sold under the Right to Buy Scheme ownership is no longer required. The land is principally an access track leading to a sewage treatment plant/septic tank with a lock up garage and parking space next to the tank. Each of the eight houses has a right to dispose of sewage, subject to payment of a fair proportion of the costs associated with the maintenance of the plant.


Freehold subject to a Maintenance Agreement for the sewage treatment plant/septic tank. Each of the eight houses pay £325 per annum towards this. There is a further income from a lock up garage and parking space, both of which are let on Licences, each paying £150 per annum. Further information will be available within the legal documents for inspection from the Auctioneer’s office or for download from the Clive Emson website.

Auctioneer’s Note

The postcode provided is for an address at 1-8 Bennetts Lane.


Interested applicants can view directly on site only during daylight hours, at the sole risk of the viewer. Care must be taken to avoid trespass en route.